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Health & Wellness from the inside out.
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Exercise By The OCean in San Diego 

We are more than an exercise studio. We are an opportunity to make a fulfilling day by nurturing your physical, spiritual, and relationship health.

Grab your best buds and make a day out of it! Book a Small Group Training with only your buds or join one of our Scheduled Small Group Trainings and meet the neighborhood. We are in Point Loma/Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA., steps away from the beautiful Sunset Cliffs Natural Park along with many other amazing local businesses!

We offer a Results-Driven Entertainment Package for you and your group. 

This place is awesome! The classes are fun and the personal attention from Nicole can't be beat. I've always been that person that doesn't like doing classes and that has changed now. I love it!

Denise Langlois

Nicole at EFWB knows her stuff!! Most gyms I have encountered rarely address the structural issues that cause movement difficulty and pain. Instead of throwing you straight into a workout, you get a personalized approach that is specific to exactly what your body needs! On top of that, Nicole and her team share their knowledge with kindness and empathy. You will always leave feeling encouraged best gym experience I have had in over 10 years of working out.

Claire V.

This is my favorite place to work out! Nicole has the best energy and knowledge. The workouts are amazing for all levels and you are pushed to grow. I see the difference when I am consistent and if I try to make excuses I am held accountable. I would recommend for all levels and attitudes. Nicole will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Jessica Sheldon Goetting

After years of working out 4-5 days a week at the gym, I still didn't feel like I was getting the work out I needed. I tried a few classes with Nicole and I'm totally blown away. This is a total body work out and great cardio. I am very sore in the places that I've been trying to target at the gym.... and I'm thrilled. Totally thrilled !!! Please try EWB and take a class with the instructors here. You will be sore but you will not regret this.

Jenna J.

If you want an Efficient Working Body and positive mindset, you want to visit EFW. Nicole and all of her trainers and yogis are high quality, kind people who care about your wellbeing.

S.J. S.

Sara was absolutely amazing!! I have a really hard time with my hip flexors. She gave me a great routine to do daily and I have noticed a huge difference within the week. I am feeling stronger and not having any more hip flexor pain. If you need any body work or personal training she is amazing at both.

Tessa Y.

I was looking for a small, personal studio that offered challenging classes in a positive, intimate environment and I found it here! All the trainers are professional, knowledgeable, motivating and friendly. They are excellent at giving modifications to fit your personal goals and needs. You will not be disappointed! I have liked all the trainers so I can pick the best time not who is teaching which offers flexibility too!

Betsy B.

I love this place! The classes are challenging and the instructors are very good. Lots of different times to chose from too.

Lisa K.

Love Nicole!!! She brings such positive energy to the studio! She goes above and beyond. I am challenged every time I take one of her class. She is just wonderful. :)

Rach S.

Came here a few times and I love it. Nicole, the owner, is a beautiful lady inside and out with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I first visited because they offer UJam classes with Lil Bit aka Jerrose. First, you all need to try out UJAm with Jerrose. Fun and full of energy. Now for the studio, there are classes that they offer. Check out the website and make sure you sign up one free class. The studio is not huge but it's a good size with weights, cardio equipment, bands etc. Come by and give them a try. After your workout is done, walk along Sunset Cliffs. Beautiful.

Nette B.

Nicole is a really cool person. I won a couple of private training sessions with her in a raffle. She went above and beyond in the training sessions than what I actually won. She is super kind hearted and will give you one of the best work outs of your life

Joyce H.

Disclaimer & Up front - I really really really dislike any type of fitness, workout sessions, classes. I always forget to count, I zone out, lose cadence then interest then quit. I kept trying to find something that would hold my attention 'cause I know I need exercise .....Nicole is the first person I found that switches things up often enough to hold my interest. It's fast paced...but not too fast. She watches every person to ensure they are doing things correctly, offers direction & encouragement. If you can't do something not to worry, she'll modify it so you still get the benefit. Bonus - She's really knowledgeable about tricky knees, bad backs etc and offers suggestions on what to do at home to feel better & improve - but only if you want. No pressure. No judgement.

Andrea S.

Nicole is an amazing and well educated fitness instructor. Her Efficient Working Bodies studio is a great place to workout. The instructions and assistance is top notch. Whether a beginner or seasoned fitness enthusiast, this is a perfect place for a stronger you!

Kymberly C.

fitbodies is where it's at if you want a fitness plan that focuses on your whole self. I have been working out with Nicole Grevelis for a little over a year now, and i feel stronger than I ever have on the inside and out. Nicole's spirit is contagious and energizing-she has us working through intense circuit training, using a mixture of body weight, kettlebell, resistance bands, slamball exercises and more. Don't be scared-she also offers modifications for anything you need to ease in to. And, as time goes on, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Saturday morning, outdoor training with Nicole is a highlight of my week. I walk away ready to conquer the world with a strong spirit and physical power to be reckoned with! I also love weekday mornings at efitbodies 6am kettlebell class. It's a full body workout that you complete in 45 minutes at the studio on Point Loma Ave in Ocean Beach. Trainer Karen D'Alone is a patient, highly skilled trainer whose quiet intensity at 6am is wonderful to wake up with. If you want to workout with trainers who are committed to you-mind, body, and spirit, efitbodies is the way to go. Efitbodies: building badass butts and guts from the inside out! efitbodies.com #getsweaty

B E.

Nicole is amazing. SHe was super approachable and motivating. I found the right classes for my needs and times. Super stoked she is so close to my work so i can pop in and take a class. Also love Britneys yoga classes. very community oriented and a nice local gym! thanks nicole!

Danielle R.

EWB is awesome! She totally understands that everyone has different skill levels and works to accommodate each person! Thanks Nicole!

Erin Z.

really enjoy these group classes. I just started (next class will be my 4th) but I gotta say, I think I might be addicted! I love all the exercises Nicole has us do. Challenging, not boring, and stuff I could never think of. I like how Nicole changes the music up every class. I'm a pretty hard person to make laugh too for the average bee, and I was literally cracking up while doing crunches, Nicole is really hilarious. Lots of muscle groups are incorporated into the work outs so you feel it everywhere! So happy I found Nicole. Classes are very economical and I can definitely see myself long term here. Way better than the boring gym trying to figure out what weight machine to use. I highly recommend trying the group classes out!

KeithNic K.

Nicolle has made a positive difference in my life. As my personal trainer for twice a week for the past year, I have not only noticed a significant physical improvement through strength training with her, but my overall mental conditioning has greatly improved as well. The main difference I have found working with Nicolle (over other trainers I've been involved with), is her attention to detail in ensuring that posture, positioning, and breathing, is being considered as a primary ingredient when training in order to eliminate the potential for injury. This attention to detail combined with her fantastic outgoing personality makes going to the gym an activity I always look forward to.

Kipland H.

I had a great yoga class with Danielle on Saturday! I just happened to notice a sign for classes while we were waiting for our pizza from Rosarias. She was a very attentive instructor and helped me with adjustments for my bothersome hip. Just what I needed after a long week!

Barb C.

I was visiting the area and luckily dropped in for the Thursday, 7:30 a.m. circuit training class. It was awesome! If I lived in the area, this would be the gym for me. Nicole knew what she was doing and friendly. The class was super friendly too.

Lisa L.

Nicole Grevelis is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inventive trainer. I trained with her for years before she moved from MA to CA. She will motivate you like no other to challenge yourself and to really get the most out of your workouts. For me, it's important to get the best bang for my buck. I have an hour a day to work out and that's it. So it better count. If this sounds like you, check out EWB. You will be glad you did. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, EWB will deliver an excellent workout that will keep you coming back for more.

Erica W.

Awesome group training!! I have fun every time I go. Nicole is always energetic and is very attentive to each and everyone she trains.

Rudy H.

I have been training with Nicole for almost a year. She is the best! She tailor makes the workouts specifically for you using weights, aerobics, glider board, stretching, etc. She is so knowledgeable about muscle groups, posture and the correct positioning when performing an exercise. Nicole also involves balance work, which is important. She will get you going!!!!

Bob M.

Nicole Grevelis is truly a gift from the fitness gods. I just had my first class today and it was awesome! Her new studio is clean, spacious and she has brand new equipment and technology that makes the workouts so much fun. Her class packages are incredibly well-priced and she is without a doubt one of the most knowledgable and inspirational trainers I've worked with. What a gift to the Point Loma neighborhood!! Efitbodies rocks!

Holly K.

Super knowledgeable about fitness and performance, very motivating, and adapts the program to your individual needs. My wife and I are both doing her group classes and loving it. Highly recommended.

Neil A.

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