A Balanced Diet??

Jul 30, 2022

 by Nicole Grevelis

What Is It and How to Achieve It with today's

A balanced diet gives our body's the nutrients it needs to function correctly.

To get the nutrition you need, most of our daily calories should come from non-processed macro nutrients:

Carbs. Proteins. Fats, like:
Fresh fruits
Fresh vegetables
Whole grains
Lean proteins

These and all foods contain calories. Calories refer to the amount of energy stored in that food. Our body's use calories from food for walking, thinking, breathing, and other important functions.

Where our daily calories are sourced from is important, too!

Foods that provide mostly high calories, with little nutritional value, are known as “empty calories".
🚫Avoiding these foods more often than not will get you and keep you fitter & healthier!!

Think of sweets:
Cakes, cookies, donuts, candy.
Energy drinks, soda, even juice!
.. my beloved Ice cream 😱

Processed meats.
Chips and crackers.
Fried foods.

If weight management is a goal, this will get you that much closer .....or farther from that goal.

🚫Remember, these foods aren't off the table! However, ingesting them in moderation will be detrimental to our goals success and maintenance!!

Try the 80/20 rule⬇️

✔️You want to look 80% good?
Eat 80% of your daily calories from nutritiously dense foods!!
Plain and simple

Maintaining good health is as easy as limiting consumption of empty calories and instead, getting daily calories from foods that are rich in real food nutrients and not fillers, sugars & salt.

Micronutrients are important, too!
You'll want to fill your plate with:
Minerals &

Some foods to help with this would be:
Organic Dairy products
Some meats and other non-processed foods.

✔️Pro Tip:
Don't wait longer than 4hrs between fueling up. Missed meals (fuelings) has shown to lead to over eating later, which in turn means you never actuality achieve 'eating less'.
Sad, I know 😞

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To your success!