Are you part of the 8%

Jan 1, 2022

 by Nicole Grevelis

Motivation!  Habits!  Success! 

😬 Oh my



Did you know that only 8% of people are self motivated.  Only 8%, so please,  don't feel alone or less than! 

Studying yourself and your daily patterns,  go to activities,  thoughts and how you talk to yourself, these are things that will help you to understand why you might be stuck & not feeling fulfilled🤔

And... harsh self-criticism doesn’t work. Research shows that self-compassion is actually much more motivating, especially when you are struggling with adversity.

Learning to coach yourself in a helpful manner, using self-talk that is encouraging, as well as recreating the 'vision' will help you to recover from setbacks. These practices will be critical to your success. Your future you. 


Even 'highly motivated' people use strategies! Not luck. Not natural talent. But real tangible strategies, because staying clear on our goals and laser focused is difficult!!


Here are some of those strategies used for success by these 8%

1: Begin with the end in mind.

2: Set specific goals

3: Be organized

4: Build a support system

5: Be brutally honest with yourself

6: Recognize the stressor that get in your way and be ready for them with new strategies

7: Take action

8: Rest when you feel overwhelmed

9: Keep a positive attitude

10: Conscious effort daily


Here are 10 more habits for Cultivating more success not only in your fitness, but your overall success 🙏


In health,

Nicole G.