Losing Weight Ain't Easy... 😕

Apr 8, 2022

 by Nicole Grevelis

Losing Weight Ain't Easy... 😕

That's why we compiled some tips & tricks to go with the 4 crucial elments needed to achieve the goal of *weight loss.

💥Eating right💥Exercise💥Support💥Accountability

#1. Healthy Eating
Use a smaller plate✔️
🍕? Go light on the cheese
You won't lose flavor, but you will lose excessive calories & saturated fats. Add veggies or a side salad to help fill up!
Egg, tuna & chicken salad are an easy go to that can be dropped into a green salad or a slice of bread.
Chop veggies and have them ready to go with....
🫐Dessert? Defrost small servings of frozen fruit and top with homemade whipped cream. Surprisingly satisfying!
🍫 My favorite? Melt down dark chocolate and mix with your favorite natural nut butter & chill.
BOOM yum yum in the tum tum

#2. Make Exercise Easy and Fun
Dropping those LB's, without having to be diet crazy, means you'll have to become more active. 🚶‍♂️ 🏋️
Goal: 30 minutes a day, even if broken into 10 minute chunks.
Walking, dancing, yard work and household chores burn calories, too! Resistance training can be done in this 30m or done separately. Bands, Bells & Bodyweight exercises will fire up your muscles and increase your resting metabolism🔥
A little goes a long way!

#3. Maintain A Support System
Exercise with a friend or walk with a coworker!
Join meet up groups, enjoying more movement activities with new people who have similar health goals.
Pack your 'workout' clothes and make an appt with a trainer🙋‍♀️

#4. Accountability Tools
Food logs and Journals are a great way to keep track of what and when you eat, and how you feel after.
Daily tracking of what you are (or aren't) eating will show you where you're likely missing critical nutrients & even hydration. Typically, it's these things that keep us in search of more food. Think to overeat, feelings of fullness. Extra calories not used stored as fat. & beverages count, too.

👊Go food shopping. 90% of the time, only eat what you buy. Stock up on nutritionally dense foods 1st, then a couple less healthy snacks. Don't go crazy here.
🔥Make a plan for movement. Short, brisk walks are great for the mind and body. Resistance Training to keep that metabolism stoked, too.
🙋‍♀️Get your support system going. Letting friends and family know your goal(s) is a great start. Meet-up groups are a great way to help yourself and others.
📝 Grab your EWB, Inc. Commitment and Habit Tracking Journal! Keeping yourself accountable simply by checking off the box, while reading daily affirmations to reset the mind sabotaging ways


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To your health,