Metabolism & Weight Loss

Jun 3, 2022

 by Nicole Grevelis

Metabolism & Weight Loss


60% of gym-goers join in hopes of losing weight!


Increase Metabolism, as they often believe it to be slow. Is it?


METABOLISM, as people know it, is the sum of energy used by your body from ingested foods & beverages as fuel.

Metabolism is the chemical process of calories & oxygen converted into energy for everything and anything you can think of; breathing, thinking, circulating blood, digesting foods, organ support, managing hormone levels, and rebuilding everything under the hood!
Basically every bodily function, 24/7!

"Ya, ya, but I feel like I can 'only eat a little food and still gain weight😡, just looking at food I'll gain weight!"

This is common! But remembering that metabolism is the cumulative action of regulating how your body burns food for fuel and then converts that food into energy, you can see that the body system is just that... a system that has to work together, like the keys in a clock.
If the keys don't ride smoothly because one or more of these keys is *out of balance, the lack of efficient work output then also effects the metabolism. Slowing it down.

*This imbalance is almost always due to improper lifestyle habits!
And these habits create stress, and stressors slow the bodys efficiency.

Lifestyle habits that 'weigh down' your metabolism can include:

*Lack of movement
*Eating too many high fat/high sugar foods
*Eating too much (too many calories) at 1 sitting
*Lack of confidence
*Waiting too long to eat (and then overeating)
*Eating before bed
*Not eating fruits & veggies
*Having a bad self-image;-[
*Lack of sleep

✏️Something to note:

Studies at the National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center shows that overweight people constantly think about their weight in a negative way, thus creating the undesired effect.

It's true that you become what you think and you are what you eat! If you're constantly seeing yourself as being overweight, unhealthy, etc... than you might want to step back, close your eyes, remind yourself just how amazing you are and smile.

For the next 30 days (because it takes 28 - 30 days to change how you subconsciously think of yourself) take a few minutes in the morning, afternoon & evening, close the eyes, see yourself happy, lean, and strong, from head to toe
🙂🙋‍♀️You're worth it!!!

Some benefits of lifestyle changes to Increase Metabolism:
✔️Live longer
✔️Look Better
✔️Feel sexier
✔️Drop a weight
✔️Add muscle to your physique &/or
✔️Live a healthy, energy-rich life

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