Music Can Be Your Magic Motivational Pill

Jan 23, 2023

 by Nicole Grevelis


Music Can Be Your Magic Motivational Pill


Have you ever noticed how much music can affect your mood and physical state?


There’s just something about an up-tempo song that makes you want to move, dance, and feel joyful. At the same time, when a slow ballad comes on, it can totally kill your workout. So, there is a direct connection between music and physical state.


I had an incredible experience at a business growth conference in Las Vegas called CEO Space International in June (if you’ve been thinking about going, do it! It totally changed my life).


One of the esteemed faculty members/speakers was David Stanley, stepbrother and personal aide to Elvis Presley. David moved into Graceland when he was four years old, spent 17 years growing up with Elvis and toured with him in his later years.


Today,  David is a bestselling author and filmmaker who also travels the world giving motivational talks.  Stay tuned for his upcoming film, Growing Up Graceland, due out next year.  This is sure to be an Oscar-winning production!


At CEO Space, David played Elvis’ live rendition of “Dream the Impossible Dream”  during his motivational speech.  I felt deeply moved and touched as I sat there listening to it. Ok, I admit to having tears in my eyes because at times, my vision for EatTrainWin is so big that it feels impossible.


Elvis' song inspired me to keep moving forward. I'm so grateful to have met David.  His passion for life and his ability to overcome all obstacles has given me the extra push I need to achieve all my dreams!


“Dream the Impossible Dream” is now one of the songs I wake up to when my alarm goes off, because that’s how I want to begin my day.


Choose Music on Purpose


Find music that really motivates you to keep going, especially when you’re working out. It doesn’t matter if it’s unconventional or silly. If it makes you feel good, it’s perfect!


To bring in my goofy side, I’ll admit that the first song in my playlist for running is “We’re Off to See the Wizard” from The Wizard of Oz. It makes me giggle and it somehow takes the pain of that first mile away. The first mile always hurts, no matter how good of shape I’m in, and hearing those little Munchkins sing their encouragement somehow makes me feel supported and helps me keep going.


Remember the movie Rocky? He had a great theme song, "Eye of the Tiger." That was his take-charge, kick-ass inspiration song. It got him going and he used it to stay in the zone.


Music is the Universal Language


I’m probably certifiably tone-deaf (except in the shower or the car, and I’m amazing in those two places and should probably be awarded a Grammy!) and I’m also a person who does not dance.


I’m telling you this to prove that even a tone-deaf woman with twelve left feet (me!) can appreciate music because it really is the universal language. 


Music always hits us. Everyone has certain songs that bring back visceral memories or emotions – for me, it was the song I danced to with my new husband, Mark, at our wedding 25 years ago (it’s so sad that Ice Castles doesn’t play on the radio these days!).


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