Use Affirmations to Be the Captain of Your Ship

Feb 25, 2023

 by Nicole Grevelis

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Seems like everyone is talking about positive visualizations and affirmations these days, and for good reason: they work!

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, read on. I’m going to share some valuable information about how these kinds of techniques can speed your weight loss.

How do I know? Because I use these techniques in my life, too.

Aye, Aye, Captain!

When it comes to the body, our conscious mind is the captain of the ship. The subconscious mind cannot fight against the orders of the conscious mind, which is why affirmations work so well.

If you really take on a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself with emotion multiple times a day for a period of time, it will affect your subconscious mind. Without realizing it, you will start to take actions every day to make your affirmation come true.

So, how does this relate to losing weight? You can choose a mantra to help you eat well and get in the habit or working out frequently. If we give the subconscious the right orders, we will succeed in whatever we set out to accomplish.

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Here’s a formula for your first affirmation. You can insert your ideal weight in the blank area:

I am healthy and happy.
I exercise daily to pursue my goals of even better health.
My food choices are in alignment with my healthy living and I love my ___ lb. body.”

NASA Did It! So Affirmations Must Work.

NASA has done extensive research on how the brain adapts to new information.

  • In one study, they put astronauts in goggles that made the room appear upside down to test how their bodies would react in space. They made the astronauts wear these goggles for 30 days.  Somewhere around day 25, the brain actually flipped the image so that everything appeared right side up to the astronauts.


  • After they did that study, they did another one where they allowed the astronauts to remove the goggles on day 15 and put them back on at day 16. The result? These astronauts did not have the experience of the brain flipping the image.This essentially tells us that you must practice your mantra for about a month so your brain has time to adapt, and that consistency is key.


The Nuts and Bolts of Affirmations

Using a positive affirmation will work, but you have to be consistent. Just like the astronauts with the goggles, you need at least 25 consecutive days of affirmation practice to ensure that there will be a shift for you.


Type it up, print it out, and read it out loud to yourself for at least 60 seconds.

Do this every morning when you first wake up and every night before you go to bed.

If you can do it at noon as well, that’s even better.


Keep in mind that you must read with emotion because your subconscious mind understands feeling. You must be able to believe that your affirmation is possible for yourself, or it just won’t come true. Choose something that scares you a little bit, but still feels attainable.


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