Vitamins Come In Two Distinct Types

Apr 17, 2022

 by Nicole Grevelis


Vitamin Post!


Hey Friends!

Have you been wondering about Vitamin Supplements?
What they are for and why one might want to supplement with them?

I feel you!
Check out this piece from
our most recent blog on what and why 💊

Alright, a vitamin is an organic compound and these are essential to help your body grow and remain healthy.
Of the essential vitamins, there are thirteen major ones & the lack of any one of them had the orienting to throw off the whole system!

Vitamins come in two distinct types:
1. Fat soluble
2. Water-soluble.

Of the major vitamins, A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble.

Vitamins B and C are water-soluble.

🏋️The water-soluble vitamins are not stored by the body so these need to be topped off regularly!

On the whole, if you have a normal, well-balanced diet, this "should" provide your body with the vitamins it needs.
You know what that means...
if your diet is not fully balanced, it's likely you'll need some supplementation!

Check out the following information & see if you might have a need for this supplementation:


🥓Vitamin B12 is found in meats so this is something vegetarians need to be attentive to. .

Vitamin C and B can be lacking in elderly people.

People working night shifts could have a lack of vitamin D as the body produces this during sunlight hours.

😩 Overworked people, people under pressure, and people suffering from stress could be lacking in vitamin B and C.

People on diets can also have a lack vital vitamins.

Vitamin B & C can be lacking in heavy drinkers🍺
Vitamin C in heavy smokers as well!🚬

& extra Vitamin C is often taken in the winter, leading into the cold season👃

*Vitamin tablets can either be multivitamins or single vitamin types.

Fun fact:
Nowadays, you can get vitamin injection shots, such as vitamin B12 for a great energy boost!
*It is important that this is only carried out by a fully qualified medical practitioner*

Side note:
If you want to help preserve the effectiveness of the vitamins in your food, eating fresh foods and cooking them lightly will help maintain their effectiveness ✔️

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