When You Lose Weight, You Will Finally Be Worthy of Love, Happiness & Success- THIS IS LIE

Feb 19, 2023

 by Nicole Grevelis

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Did that title catch your attention? We women love to say that we believe everyone deserves love, happiness and success... but do you actually, at the core of your being, believe that to be true?


We are all worthy, regardless of our size and what’s going on in our lives. On paper, we all say we are in alignment with that belief. But the fact is, many women are still skipping events because they feel uncomfortable in their bodies, they are still telling themselves that they don’t deserve love because they are overweight, and they are still holding themselves back because they don’t think they deserve the same experience of joy that slender women have.

Here’s my advice: if you find yourself having a strong emotional reaction to the title of this blog post, try these three steps to begin practicing what you preach and really feel worthy of love, happiness and success... no matter what you look like!


  • Step 1: What Are You Good At? 


Over and over I see my female clients struggling to acknowledge themselves and be proud of their accomplishments, so let’s turn the tables on that mentality. Sit yourself down in a quiet room. Play some nice music, or meditate for a few minutes, then write down all the things that you’re good at.


Remember, you can list anything. Maybe you’re great at folding your laundry and putting it away on time (unlike me, who still has laundry sitting on the dryer from Saturday!).


It’s so important that we celebrate every single little joy in our life. Even if it seems small, when we start being proud of every little aspect, every good thing that you do, you’ll realize the overall picture: you’re a pretty freakin’ fantastic person, even though you don’t admit it!

  • Step 2: Play the Mirror Game 


How many times have you stood in front of the mirror and found yourself thinking negative things about your body? Sometimes those thoughts are so subtle that we have trouble catching them when they happen.


Try this: the next time you stand in front of the mirror, pick out one thing you love about your body and say it out loud. Maybe it would be, “Man, I love my hair. It’s the perfect color and it really compliments the shape of my face.”


You’ll find that you feel a heck of a lot better about yourself after a session like this.

  • Step 3: Be Ridiculous


Let’s say you tried step 2, but all you can think about is how thick your thighs are. You keep telling yourself, “My thighs are huge. My thighs are huge” and you’re feeling pretty down.


I want you to keep saying this to yourself. But now, instead of just saying it privately in your head, I want you to say it out loud in the funniest cartoon voice that you can come up with. 


Try telling yourself that you hate your hips in a Donald Duck voice! You’re going to start laughing and hopefully, you’ll truly realize how ridiculous it sounds. So, When You Lose Weight, You Will Finally Be Worthy of Love, Happiness & Success.


This week, I encourage you to try at least one of these three steps.


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