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What’s A Body Composition Programs: 

EWB’s Body Composition Programs for weight loss/weight gain will give you the guidance and tools you've been missing to attain your wellness goals. 

Whether you're looking to;

*Decrease fat  (decreasing susceptibility of disease)

*Decrease fat and keep muscle to be functionally fit

*Add muscle for a killer physique and an increased metabolism 

Our Programs can get you there with simple solutions, implemented proper


Why is a Flexibility and Balance Program important? 

Flexibility and Balance help the body maintain joint mobility and muscular strength. These are important for the aging adult. Flexibility is a key component to functional and pain free living!


What are pain relief programs?

1 in 5 Americans suffer with chronic pain. 

This pain slowly and secretly starts to undermine a person's overall well being!

Pain Relief Programs will help with increases in:






What is sustainable nutrition and an example of if?

True success to weight loss, weight gain and overall wellness goals comes down to a person's Nutritional Intake! And sustaining a healthier nutrition plan can seem overwhelming first.  Learning ones go to patterns around food can help the future you to be ready when needed with more success options to keep up with (sustain) a healthier nutrition intake and to finally hold onto new habits.

EWB’s Nutrition Counseling, your goals and obstacles to those goals will be reviewed and discussed. We’ll go over how to work around these obstacles, as well as explore new habits and food choices to get you where you want to be as soon as possible. Weekly/biweekly check ins and or meetings will be put in place to enhance your success! 



Why is Chaos/Stress, complemented with Calm/Control important? 

Its well documented that chaos and stress wreak havoc on the body, Creating a maryade of diseases.

Our goal at EWB is to guide clients through a created and chaotic, stressed environment, ie: training, at levels that create adaptations, and yet, be able to have control and calm through this period of time.

This helps the nervous system, Sympathetic and parasympathetic, teaching the mind and body to work together as a unit and create control in times of stress.

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