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Looking to get in better shape, lose fat &/or improve your overall health?

Nutrition consulting from our certified personal trainers in San Diego will help you reach all of your wellness goals

With access to community resources, weekly meal plans for the "diet" that works for you, and our accountability coaching, EWB Inc.'s team of trainers will have you making long-term and lasting changes to achieve your most Efficient Working Body!

Our convenient location is just a block away from the beach and other great local businesses, making it easy to stay motivated and stick to your nutrition and workout routine.


Accountability is key when it comes to nutrition, and that’s something we take seriously at Efficient Working Bodies,Inc.

We’ll help you develop a healthy eating plan that works for you, and we’ll be there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Food Accountability 

We will hold you accountable through your food journey to healthy eating from start to finish.

Customized nutrition plan

Lose the fat and keep the muscle with your 100% customized nutrition plan

Nutrition CONSULTING that works

Holistic living made easy with our 1 stop fitness studio located just a block away from the ocean

Get the body you have always wanted 

Get access to our certified personal trainers to understand what exercises are paired best with your goals

free habit tracking & commitment journal

Receive EWB's, Inc. Habit Tracking & Commitment Journal at your nutrition consultation in San Diego

Receive our Group Training 3 pack INTRO Offer

just for inquiring about our Nutrition Consulting

Nicole G.

Owner, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, & Author


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